Transient noise removal

Getting interrupted by doorbell or dog barking while recording speech? Now there is no need to re-record the speech anymore. Voicebox can be used like a magic eraser to remove transient noise by re-generating noise corrupted speech.

Text: in zero weather in mid-winter when the earth is frozen to a great depth below the surface when in driving over the unpaved country roads they give forth a hard metallic road

Text: and leapt and curveted as nimbly as if he had been in stable at rack and manger a full month then he wished himself a black dog and he was so then a green tree and he was so so from one thing to another till he was quite sure that he could change himself to anything whatsoever he liked

Text: lowering it i remember all my debts and errors an elegy by huang chan last best-loved daughter

Text: the average yachting man if he be of that stuff of which good seamen are made soon finds his chief delight in being master of his own vessel he likes to feel that it is his skill his prowess his intellect that rule the ship in which he sails

Text: and valerie was kneeling by the bedside clasping the poor little corpse to her heart as if she could cling to the life that was gone and retain it but it was only the empty casket of her jewel that she held